Saturday, March 28, 2009

F1 is back

After a fantastic season last year where the championship was undecided until the last corner of the brazilian grand prix, F1 is back. After all the pre-season speculations regarding the rules, teams and the money involved in the game, finally the race for the best driver title starts tomorrow at Albert park,Australia.

Too many questions to be answered in this season... Will Hamilton defend his title with a struggling Mclaren??.. Can Ferrari get back the driver championship??..Will Alonso move on to Ferrari next year??.. Have Honda done a real big mistake by selling their team to Brawn GP who looks to be supreme form??... Only time will give the answers..

Dont forget to catch tomorrow's race at 11:30 AM IST..

Update:: Surprise, Surprise..(or is it???? ) Jenson Button on pole for tomorrow's race as Brawn GP take the first row. Will Button win a race after 3 years, the last one being in Hungary ,2006??.

McLaren still struggling with 14and 15th on the grid.. Ferrari at 6th(Massa) and 7th(Kimi).

Been long long time

Yes, it has been more than a month since I wrote my last post on my blog. My blog has been sleeping all these days whereas I have been hardly able to catch some sleep. Sometimes things make your mind so much pre-occupied that you hardly feel interested to do your normal day work let alone updating the blog.

This is just a wake call for my blog and my way of telling the world that am still alive :-P

Btw, recently there has been so much buzz around twitter. Almost everybody looks to be twittering. I thought I should try my hands on twitter too and here I am ...

Hopefully I am keep my twitter updated... Let me know if you are there too...