Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Himalayas

Its been five months since I did this trek to Sarpass near Kullu in the Himalayas and I am still stuck with that feeling of adventure, freshness and the madness that only the sight of Himalayas can inject into you. It was my first of lot-more-to-come treks of the Himalayas. For somebody who was always mesmerized by the beauty of the western ghats, the himalayas is a totally different experience that comes with unbounded natural beauty and great adventure. Himalayas is something that is to be experienced and not explained.

People say that a picture tells a thousand words. So lets cut the story short and enjoy a few pics of the trek.

Place : Sarpass
Date : 26th May to June 4th,2010
Location : Parvati Valley, near Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh
Altitude : 13,900 ft
Difficulty : Moderate

The river Beas as seen from the roof top bus ride to Kasol

First glimpse of the Himalayas

Mt. Pin Parvati seen from Base camp

The trek map

View from Guna Pani (8500ft)

Thila Lotni (11,000ft)

The frozen lake at Sarpass peak

Crossing the Sarpass

Bhandak Thatch


Teamgsquare said...

great pics .

Srikanth said...

@Team G Square

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You have a nice blog too..The place around bangalore series is quite good..Thanks for sharing the info :)